shannon (leirza) wrote in webmasterguild,

what am i doing wrong??

i have two tables, with text in each table. i want to make the text in table 1 and table 2 into links. i want links in table 1 to turn a different color than the links in table 2. i know i have to assign a different class rule to the text in each table. i tried a million times to create 2 seperate class rules with link properties for hovering, etc. but it just didnt work! has anybody had a problem with this before or have any suggestions for something that may be easier?

this is what i was doing on my css page. what is wrong with it? or maybe what am i forgetting to do? i try to assign text in table 1 with .main, and text in table 2 with .navbar

/* CSS Document */

.main {color: #FFFFFF;}

.main a:link {color: #FFFFFF;}
.main a:visited {color: #FFFFFF;}
.main a:hover {color: #999999;}
.main a:active {color: #999999;}

.navbar {color: #000000;}

.navbar a:link {color: #000000;}
.navbar a:visited {color: #000000;}
.navbar a:hover {color: #666666;}
.navbar a:active {color: #666666;}

if anyone can help that would be AWESOME
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